For best experience with G25, my advice is to match the Logitech Profiler lock-to-lock seting with the actual car lock-to-lock setting.

Why? For one, because you get the wheel to really lock when you reach the simulated car's lock. And also because you get a little more precision. The wheel's driver communicates the wheel's position to the game as a number (looks like an unsigned 14-bit integer) between 0 (at wheel's leftmost position) and 16383 (rightmost). Max round-off errors are:

  • err900 = 1/2 * 1/16383 * 900 = 0.027 deg
  • err360 = 1/2 * 1/16383 * 360 = 0.011 deg

So you get a little bit more accuracy with the position there. It should be barely, if at all, noticeable, since the distance between two points that can be sampled on G25 looks to be around ( 2.2 / 16383 ) * 900 ~= 0.1 deg.

After you change the angle in the Logitech Profiler, recalibrate your wheel in the game.

I am often experiencing an issue where upon starting the sim for the first time, my G25's lock-to-lock resets to 900 degrees. After exiting and re-entering the sim, it usually works fine. Doh.

SCCA Spec Racer Ford Edit

- 480 degrees lock-to-lock

Skip Barber 2000 Edit

- 480 degrees lock-to-lock

Radical SR8 Edit

- 460 degrees lock-to-lock

Lotus 79 Edit

- 630 degrees lock-to-lock

Chevrolet Corvette C6R Edit

- 450 degrees lock-to-lock

Riley MkXX Daytona Prototype Edit

- 390 degrees lock-to-lock

Dallara IndyCar Edit

- 560 degrees lock-to-lock

Ford Falcon FG01 V8 Edit

- 500 degrees lock-to-lock

Star Mazda Edit

- 450 degrees lock-to-lock