GT Legends is a sports car racing simulator developed by Simbin for the PC. It is based on the FIA Historic Racing Championships for GTC and TC cars of the 1960s and 1970s. This is a modern-day championship for historic cars, and so the circuit designs in GT Legends are those of the modern era, contrasting with games such as Grand Prix Legends which are actually set in historic times.

Logitech G25 setup Edit

Logitech Profiler Edit

  • Overall Effects Strength: 101%
  • Spring Effect Strenghth: 0%
  • Damper Effect Strenghth: 0%
  • Enable Centering Spring: true
  • Centering Spring Strength: 0%
  • Use Special Steering Wheel Settings: true
  • Report Combined Pedals: false
  • Degrees Of Rotation: 900
  • Use Special Game Settings: true
  • Allow Game To Adjust Settings: true

In-game controls setup Edit

H-pattern shifter Edit

Put your G25 shifter into full manual mode. I use the two red buttons on the wheel for look left/right (pres both at the same time to look over your shoulder), and the left paddle for headlights. You can use the right paddle for handbrake (useful for starting the race on tracks like Spa), horn, or something else.

I also use the first two red buttons on the shifter for ignition and starter, and the d-pad for adjusting the seat fw/back/up/down.

Steering lock Edit

Let's say we wanted to simulate the steering rack of a Mercedes 300SL. It has a 17.3:1 steering ratio, so we would use a steering lock of (900/2)/17.3 ~= 26.0 degrees in car setup.

Force feedback setup Edit

Force Feedback Tweaking Guide for Simbin Games